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Signature Spa Pedicure - This combination of aromatherapy & Reflexology will refresh your soles, and lighten your spirits! A standard spa pedicure is enhanced by a trained Reflexologist. This specialized technique will relieve tension, improve circulation and helps aid the natural healthy functionsof the body.

Signature Spa Manicure - A delightful splurge! Our custom spa manicure leaves you relaxed, and silky smooth. Enjoy a pampering paraffin hand bath as well as a nurturing hand and arm massage.

Himalayan Crystal Healing Pedicure - Our standard spa pedicure with the added benefit of Himalayan crystals. 1 hour: $45.

Neuropathy Foot Treatment - Foot Neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy, is a problem with the nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal cord. This foot treatment can ease the pain of burning and tingling pain. 1 hour: $45.

Aroma Therapy - AromaTherapy uses fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of massage. AromaTherapy massages reduce anxiety, induces relaxation, combats stress, and is beneficial to the immune system. 1/2 hour: $30, 1 hour: $60, 90 minutes: $90

Aroma Therapy Body Scrub - $60

Hot Stone Massage - For over 2000 years heated stones have been used in healing therapies and treatments for the body. Smooth Basaltstones are heated and placed on specific points on the body. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure in desired. This treatment is also highly beneficial for this suffering muscle tension but who prefer a lighter massage. 1 hour: $75

Rain Drop Therapy - If you suffer from aches and pains in your back, poor posture, or curvature of the spine, Raindrop Massage is a terrific healing option. TheRaindrop Massage Technique was specifically designed to promote back health and correct curvatures of the spine. Carefully selected essential oils are dropped onto areas of the back as well as the insides of the feet, the areas which correspond with the spine in Reflexology. The oils are gently massaged into these areas where they work to align and detoxify the spine and back tissues. Therapy only: $40, Therapy with full body massage: $90.

Fire and Ice Healing Crystal Massage - This healing massage incorporates hot stones for deep relaxation and warm Himalayan salt crystals to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field. These hand carved stones gently soothe away accumulations of stress, tension, and pollutants. This treatment is followed by an application of cooling oil, leaving your body less fatigued and rejuvenated. 1 hour: $70

Himalayan Mud Wrap - $60

Maternity Massage - A perfect treatment for the mommy-to-be! Performed after the first trimester, this massage reduces anxiety, relieves muscle aches, and can improve labor outcome. 1 hour: $60

Slimming Massage - A massage designed to stimulate the lymph system and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This therapeutic treatment incorporates essential oils, percussion massage techniques, and the ancient art of cupping. Cupping lifts connective tissue, bringing hydration and blood flow to body tissues. 1 hour: $70

Herbal Tea Wrap - A detoxing body wrap to help lose unwanted inches, cleanse the body of toxins. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while your body is wrapped and cocooned in natural muslin cloth. Works great with the Slimming Massage. 1 hour:$40

Ultimate Body Glow Package - Shoulder bearing little black dress? Wedding day? Chic new mini skirt? Show off those sultry shoulders, smooth décolleté, and silky legs! Enjoy a customized sugar or salt body scrub followed by a signature hydrating full body massage. You'll be glowing inside and out for whatever the occasion! 1 hour:$100

Signature Customized Facial - Start this facial treatment with a complete skin evaluation and consultation. You will then enjoy a deep cleanse under steam*, and an exfoliating treatment customized for your skin type. This will be followed with a relaxing facial massage, and the treatment will be concluded with an individually tailored treatment mask. As the mask sets you will enjoy a shoulder, arm and hand massage. You will also receive treatment and at home care recommendations. (*Steam used if no contraindications are present.) 1 hour: $60

Microdermabrasion - Incorporating steam as needed, this treatment begins with a deep cleanse and light exfoliation. Active mango enzymes are massaged into the skin to and then washed away with warm scented towels. There are no loud or harsh machines used in this treatment. All microdermabrasion techniques are done by hand to achieve maximum exfoliation and optimal results. This specialized technique allows for a more in depth and more detailed microdermabrasion. your skin will be smooth, refreshed, and rejuvenated. There is no down time after this treatment. 1 hour: $65

Problematic Skin Treatment - (break-out prone skin, sensitive skin, and rosacea) Problematic skin can be uncomfortable and pysically and emotionally. Our specialized skin care repairs, heals and nourishes blemishes and sensitive areas. This is a customized therapeutic treatment based on your individual problem areas. Deep pore cleansing, steam aided exfoliation, a soothing clay mask and targeted therapies are included in this calming facial. 1 hour: $65

Ready, Set, Glow Facial - Collagen is the most common protein found in the body. As the human body ages, it begins to slow down collagen production, causing skin to lack luster and firmness. The power of infrared light and its application to the skin will stimulate colagen production over time, resulting in younger, smother, more firm supple and healthier skin. This skincare will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase circulation, soften scarring, reduces pores, and smooths uneven skin tone. In addition, light therapy promotes a healthy look and increased radiance. A double cleanse assited by steam, mild exfoliation, custom clay mask, light treatment, facial massage, and custom mask rounds out this amazing facial treatment. Are you ready? On your mark? Get Set. Glow! 1 hour and 15 minutes: $75

Chemical Peels - For best results peels should be done in a series of three treatments. I customize each peel for skin type. Peels are suggested from September through April. $15-$20.
  • Custom Scalp Massage Add On - 15 minutes:$10
  • Paraffin Hydrating Facial Mask Add On - $10
  • Anti-Aging Hand, Neck, and Décolleté Add On - $20

Fountain of Youth Package - Receive the ultimate in hydration, anti-aging treatments and relaxation. Pamper yourself with a cranberry paraffin facial, microdermabrasion on the face, hands, neck, and décolleté. Conclude with a relaxing facial and scalp massage. 90 minutes: $100

Additional Services - Derma-Blade Facial hair removal starting at $10. Brow and ash Tinting: $5-$10. Back Facial: $40.

Personal Body Waxing - Lip and Chin: $7. Legs and Arms: starting at $15. Bikini area: starting at $15. Brow Shaping and Waxing: $5-$7.

Specialty Packages for couples, moms and daughters, spa birthday parties, weddings and bachelorette parties are available! A security deposit is required for all packages and parties of two or more. Please call to inquire about pricing.